The Real Secret to Success.

Gurus and motivational speakers in flashy suits always promise to reveal their “secrets to success” while charging $1000 or more for their courses and seminars to hard working people who are looking to improve their life and make something of themselves.

 Want to know the true secret to success?

 And no, you don’t even need to submit 2 payments of $499 for the answer.

 It is very simple.

 So simple that it is broken down into 2 words.




Just 2 words.









Success is a process.

 A process of taking action on an idea or dream.

 The first step is the hardest and the first failure is even harder.

 This is where many people QUIT.

 You know what separates the people that succeed and the people that say it was a failure?

 The people that TRY AGAIN when they fail.

 They try again in a new way to solve the problem. If they fail AGAIN, they just find another way that doesn’t work but keep trying.

 It is repetition with a learning process. Every time you fail, you learn something new.

 Every time you fail you get one step closer to succeeding.

 Think of all the people that have succeeded or are successful in your eyes.

 Did they get there overnight?

Did they just wake up one day and attain all their success by pressing a button?

 Of course the answer is no.

 Whether it is your favorite athlete, businessperson, or friend, they all achieved their success by being persistent and embracing failure.


Why was Kobe Bryant such a successful athlete?


Was it because of his height or was it because he showed up to practice every single day and took hundreds if not thousands of shots until he scored 800 shots in that practice session?



Would Starbucks Exist?


Would Starbucks exist if Howard Schultz gave up after 217 out of 245 investors said NO to him when he was looking for people to invest in Starbucks?



What about your success?


Think about something that you achieved in your life. What did you do in order to achieve it?


Whether it was asking out that person you liked? Getting that first job out of college even though you were rejected from others? Did you just give up or were you persistent and tried again and again until you succeeded?



Every big success that you see is built up on little failures and trying again after each one.









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