What is HTSAAIL?

Pronounced : "HIT-SAIL"

HTSAAIL is a book with a simple message.

A one of a kind novelty book that is meant to remind you that success is broken down into a simple process. Being persistent, failing, and trying again until you succeed. 

We all have our own definition of success but we must all follow the same process in order to achieve it. 

The perfect book to have on your desk, coffee table, or nightstand. 

Who is HTSAAIL For?

Anyone that is striving for success in their life. Whether it be that next big promotion, a new career move in a totally different industry, or a new personal record at the gym.

A great gift for the go getter and goal setter in life. It is a fun reminder to stay motivated, be persistent, and to never give up. 

A Reminder of The Process...