November 2019 HTSAAIL of the Month - Gary Vaynerchuk


For November’s HTSAAIL of the Month we wanted to do something different. Instead of writing a mini biography we wanted to share one prolific entrepreneur’s view on failure.

 If you have looked up entrepreneurship on Instagram, YouTube or any other social media outlet, one of the first people to pop up is Gary Vaynerchuk.

 If you don’t know who Gary is, he is the founder of VaynerX which holds interests in media properties, technology companies, and is also a social media agency.

He is also known as a wine critic who grew his family’s wine store into a multi million dollar business through YouTube wine reviews just when YouTube was starting out.

 As an entrepreneur, he has experienced many failures throughout his life and we wanted to share his perspective on failure and how to overcome it. A quick 5 min read that can add some value to your day.

 Just as a precursor: There is some strong language in the article.


How To Overcome Failure - Gary Vaynerchuk



Some great pointers to take from this article.


  • There are 2 types of failure: Macro and Micro
  • Most people tend to make Micro Failures bigger than they actually are.
  • Problems arise daily, the true answer is how your react to those problems.
  • Failure is sometimes out of your control. You pick up the pieces and get over it.
  • Your daily environment affects your response to failure.
  • Be accountable and persistent.


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