September 2018 HTSAAIL of the Month: Mark Cuban

Our first HTSAAIL of the Month is Mark Cuban.


You might know Mark Cuban as the blunt honest billionaire shark from the hit TV show Shark Tank. He is the majority owner of the Dallas Mavericks and an investor/businessman in multiple business endeavors.

Mark Cuban aligns perfectly with the HTSAAIL message. Before all the billions of dollars, the NBA Sports teams, and private jets came failure, lots of it.

Here are some of the things that Mark Cuban has failed at:

Being a Short Order Cook:

The only way Mark knew the food was ready was by sampling it. A big no-no in the restaurant business.

Being a Server:

Mark struggled opening up bottles of wine for patrons. Corks would constantly fall into the bottle.

His First Business:

Mark’s first venture was selling powered milk. His only customers were his parents.

Being Fired from his First Sales Job:

Cuban’s first sales job was with a software company. He self taught himself about  the software by reading all the manual books available. After pursing and closing a deal with a client (against the CEO’s orders) and bringing a check back to his boss for $1,500, Mark was fired on the spot for disobeying orders. This was the moment that led Cuban to go into business for himself.


What if Mark Cuban failed after his venture and gave up on entrepreneurship?


What if after being fired from his sales job even though he secured them a client , Mark Cuban quit on business and went to safe job instead of venturing out on his own?


Would we even know about Mark Cuban then? Probably not.


What did Mark Cuban do instead?






"I've learned that it doesn't matter how many times you failed, you only have to be right once. I tried to sell powdered milk. I was an idiot lots of times, and I learned from them all." – Mark Cuban


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