February 2019 HTSAAIL of the Month - George Washington


As Presidents’ Weekend approaches, we believe that George Washington is the perfect candidate for our February 2019 HTSAAIL of the month.


While the stories of cherry trees and axes are never proven, there were numerous points in George Washington’s life of failure and blunders.


Way before George Washington was leading the American Revolution, Washington started his military career being in charge of a British Colonial force. His decision to place Fort Necessity in a creek bottom that was surrounded by higher ground on 3 sides of the fort proved to be a complete disaster.


He was surrounded by the French very quickly and had to surrender. To make things worse, Washington was fooled to sign a false confession that stated he assassinated a French officer during the battle.


This led to Washington being demoted and his control of the force taken away.


When George Washington started his political career he had a very difficult time connecting with people and public speaking.


In the beginning of the American Revolution, Washington lost many battles including battles in Boston and New York.


With each battle failure, Washington began learning which strategies and battles worked. One of Washington’s biggest successes was at the battle of Trenton.


Washington was able to take over a Hessian outpost. (German troops that were hired by the British Army.) He did so by using a strategy that was designed after learning from mistakes of previous battles.   During the battle, Washington fought alongside his troops which led to a huge moral boost amongst the fighters.


This display of courageousness and persistence led the Continental Army to create constant a barrage of the British Army which ultimately led to the British downfall.


If George Washington gave up after tremendous failures and embarrassments in his early military and political careers would he be the same significant figure of history?


If Washington did not look back on his failures in battle and learn from the hardships would he go on to be one of the most successful generals in American History?


As always, the answer is NO.